Photography is adventure. It's about exploring your surroundings, discovering new environments, learning new techniques and ultimately about growing as an individual.

I began dabbling in photography as a teenager, taking shots of my friends as we terrorized our town on our skateboards. I bought a SLR and continued shooting photos of my friends. This was the days of film and trying to get shots meant shooting roll after roll of film trying to get the perfect shot. Money wasn't exactly in great abundance so I soon stopped as I couldn't afford to process the increasing number of films.

Fast forward five years. I brought my first DSLR a Nikon D70. Digital gave me the freedom to experiment and explore. Coupled with a new life direction embracing the outdoor adventure lifestyle, I soon found myself in the most amazing places and trying to capture that so I could show all those people who weren't there with me.

Things have slowly developed. I've experimented and learnt. I've begun to understand my own vision and style and now get to spend my days showing people the beauty of this country (currently Finland) and passing on my knowledge. In the past year I have been throwing myself into black and white work, something which I have always loved. To me it is where I truly get to express my artistic side.

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